Power Flushing in Chertsey

Power flushing in Chertsey is the only productive way of dealing with sludge build up in a boiler and central heating system. A Power Flush will also prevent any future water quality troubles taking place and most boiler manufacturers insist upon one when a new boiler is installed. A filter like the Magnaclean or Spirotech is also recommended for long lasting protection.

Power flushing in Chertsey is the procedure through which central heating systems are forcibly cleaned using water and chemicals at high velocity, but low pressure, to ensure that no physical damage is caused to the system. We drain the central heating system and then take off the central heating pump or a radiator then we connect the power flushing machine to your system and we add heavy duty cleansing chemicals. Each radiator is then cleaned out one by one until they are clean and all sludge is removed. Once each radiator has been treated and the water is running clear inhibitor and anti-freeze is then added to your system to prevent any further corrosion. Power flushing in Chertsey is the best method to get your heating back to its optimum potential quickly.

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Why Does my system need power flushing?

Cold or Luke Warm Radiators are among the indicators that there is a problem with your central heating system.

Slow Heating Response is one of the symptoms you’ll need a powerflush on the central heating system, typically discovered when radiators take a long time to get hot or you dont get the heat out of them needed.

Should you be hearing peculiar noises originating from your central heating pump, surges grating this is a crystal clear warning that the pump is struggling and becoming blocked with sludge.

Many reasons exist for why you ought to invest in power flushing services, and here at Just Boilers Ltd we know that our clientele need to be kept informed of these facts considering that the more sludge that’s taken away, the more effective your heating will be:

  • Reliability – clean systems are a lot less likely to break-down stemming from internal damage
  • Life expectancy – the whole system lasts a lot longer with correct inhibitor levels
  • Financial savings – you’ll spend less on malfunctions and repairs in the long-term